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Regular Sauna Use: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I am now about 3 months into my membership at LA Fitness. I joined up so I could start going to the sauna regularly. And I have taken advantage of it. I’m going to the sauna about 5 times a … [continue reading]

Was Paleo Wrong About Sunscreen Too? Part 3

Back in 2017, I did two blog posts asking if Paleo or standard medical wisdom was correct on sunscreen.

After I summarize those two posts, I’ll … [continue reading]

Was Paleo Wrong About Sunscreen Too? Part 2

I want to continue the discussion I started in the post Was Paleo Wrong About Sunscreen Too?

In that post, I addressed doubts I was having with the two polar extreme opinions on the role of sunscreen. Based on the … [continue reading]

Was Paleo Wrong About Sunscreen Too?

I’ve been actively following the direction of the disagreements Paleo has with the standard mainstream advice for almost a decade now. Sometimes the Paleo position moves closer to the mainstream and someones the mainstream moves closer to Paleo. One example … [continue reading]

Chlorine Shower Filter: 3 Month Update

Back in February I started a test I called Chlorination¬†Elimination¬†Experimentation. I wanted to see if using a shower filter that removed chlorine could positively impact my skin. I was a bit skeptical, but it was too cheap … [continue reading]

Chlorination Elimination Experimentation

Last week I ended my topical coconut oil experiment and started a new skin experiment.

A month ago I was poking around the Underground Wellness site when I found a post about shower filters. My first thought was skepticism. … [continue reading]