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Eventually, I’ll get around to putting out some new blogs. In the meantime, here are a few web projects I’ve been tinkering with.

I added PaperCSS to my portal page. I like these style sheet libraries that can take a simple website and make it look decent with one line of code. 😍

My GitHub profile page now has some bling. Using a GitHub workflow recipe, it can pull in a list of my latest blogs. ✍🏼

The page I have been working on the most is my Coffee Roaster Map. My quest is to order good coffee from every state. I’m on target to finish by this fall. I’m also teaching myself React, which I am using for the site. By the way, I consider good coffee to be lightly roasted single origin. If you do as well, click through to my spreadsheet for the list of roasters that I’ve ordered from. ☕

I created a coffee website portal for myself using React and Robohash. Why do I need a portal? Because it turns out I now have 5 coffee websites. 6 if you count the portal itself. 😂 Also, I had this extra domain I wasn’t using.

UPDATE Feb 2024: I got rid of my coffee portal. One fewer site to renew annually.

Another thing I am working on is cleaning up every single article on INeedCoffee. 23 years of posts. There are so many grammatical mistakes on the site, especially in the early years. Using the Grammarly browser extension, I can now quickly find and replace these errors. I started on April 1999 and am now up to July 2008. This will take a while. 😯

I also fixed the navigation problem with this WordPress theme after the developer ignored my bug report. I posted the fix on GitHub.


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  1. Do you make significant income from your online websites or is this more of a side hustle?

    I’ve dabbled with websites and I’ve considered various ways of turning profits, But not enough to know if it’s a likely way to escape the rat race. As it is I’m a working stiff.

  2. @Hs – I’m not sure how I missed this comment.

    For many years, I made a good side income with INeedCoffee. Not anymore. A few sites have gamed the search engines by writing click-bait articles. Often the articles are stolen. One site that is now popular than INeedCoffee was stealing images from me. Fighting them was a never-ending battle.

    These days I have websites as a fun hobby. Like the olden days. I can make more money at my day job. Passive income is never passive for long. It almost always requires a lot of follow-up work.

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