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How To Destroy The Wall Street Banks

There are over 10,000 banks and credit unions in the USA. Having a majority of the business go to four corrupt banks (Bank of America, Citibank, Wells Fargo, and Chase) is not healthy for an economy. … [continue reading]

Can I Have Another Piece of Chocolate Cake?

How does the bailout change my outlook on investing in the next year? Not much. Kirk on Reasons Unbeknowst asked this question in the post The Most Predictable Meltdown in History:

Would you rather get punched in the nose

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And Here Is What Happened When They Decided To Cut Loose

Something about the proposed Paulson $700 Billion bailout doesn’t seem right. You have very smart people making sound arguments against it, but I’m starting to wonder if there is another motive behind the bailout.

I can’t help but think of … [continue reading]

Watching Wall Street and Waiting

Saturday evening I posted As Soon As I Get My Head, which summarized my thoughts and concerns on what might happen in a post-Paulson bailout world. Even though I’m hedged to profit from a stock market decline or crash, … [continue reading]

As Soon As I Get My Head Round You

All day long I’ve reading, researching, and thinking about Paulson’s No Banker Left Behind Plan and what is going to happen to the economy. This post isn’t about the guilty parties that got us into this bailout mess or why … [continue reading]

Shooting The Messenger

Don’t blame me. It isn’t my fault your home price is plummeting, your 401K is getting rocked and your bank is in trouble. I’m just a student of financial history and saw things differently than the bubble-heads on CNBC. I … [continue reading]