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How I Reintroduced Alcohol

I was just asked how I reintroduced alcohol after a┬ámulti-year absence. Prior to giving up alcohol completely, I liked going to brew pubs and trying out the sampler trays. It wasn’t something I did often. Maybe 1-2 times a … [continue reading]

I Survived My First Beer in 5 Years!

Up until Friday, my last full beer was in September 2009. When I discovered gluten was causing me issues, I stopped drinking beer. Other types of alcohol didn’t really interest me, so I stopped drinking completely. I never drank that … [continue reading]

Saying Goodbye to Beer

Until I had Sam Adams, I didn’t believe that beer could taste good. It opened my eyes to a world of beer in a way that local roasted coffee opened my eyes to quality coffee. When I arrived in Florida, … [continue reading]