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Hedging High Intensity Training

When it comes to lifting weights, I think everything that needs to be said probably has been. There is nothing new. Everything is a remix or resurrection of ideas someone else put forward years or decades ago. With that disclaimer … [continue reading]

More Bench Press Nonsense

Readers of this site already know that I dislike the bench press. After benching for 16 years, I gave it up for machines done either very slowly or with static holds. I outlined my case against the bench press in … [continue reading]

My Bench Press Sucks and I Don’t Care

I’m going to share my dark embarrassing secret. My bench press sucks!

Since I started lifting weights in 1994, there have only been three periods where I could bench more than my weight. And then I could only muster up … [continue reading]

Tall Guys and the Bench Press Solution

Of all the gym exercises, the bench press is the one that has been the most challenging. Tall ectomorphs have long arms and small wrists. Getting under a decent amount of weight and pushing it straight up is tough. Guys … [continue reading]