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What Happened After the Scale at My Gym Broke

Almost two months ago, the scale at my gym was gone. It broke and I was informed that they would be ordering a new scale soon.

Not a problem. As I have mentioned in previous posts, in addition to measuring … [continue reading]

Woo Woo Fitness Idea

Before I start this post, I want to disclose my belief on building strength. The 2013 post On Building Muscle is a good representation. In that post, I summarize a Conditioning Research article.

Chris provides an overview of what the

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Healing Teeth, Hypoglycemia and Sandbag Training

I’ve been adding books to my Kindle for a few months, but until I arrived in California I hadn’t gotten around to reading most of them. This week I read three.

#1 Healing Teeth

How I Healed My Teeth Eating Sugar: A Guide to Improving Dental Health Naturally
How I Healed My Teeth Eating [continue reading]

Just Count Protein For Fat Loss

I’ve been thinking a lot about low effort sustainable dieting and I’ve come up with an idea that I was certain someone else had figured out before, but I haven’t seen it articulated anywhere. That either means my searching skills … [continue reading]

Stepping Away From the Glitter…Again!

Yesterday I gave my Glitter Gym notice I was leaving.

For those new to the site, I use the term “Glitter Gym” to refer to the modern gym which is full of cardio equipment, mirrors and often loud dance music. … [continue reading]

You Are Your Own Gym

You absolutely do not need a gym to gain strength. This book is full of exercise ideas that only require your own body weight.

You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises
You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises by Mark Lauren does a good … [continue reading]