The Return of Hillfit

Way back in 2012, I reviewed the book Hillfit. Hillfit is a HIT-based fitness program that uses bodyweight exercises to develop strength safely with minimal risk of injury. A year later, I covered version 2 of the book.

Hillfit was online and available for sale for a few years and then it was gone.

A wall sit is one of the exercises in Hillfit.

For several years, I would get emails asking what happened to the book and where they could get a copy. I didn’t know if it would ever be available again, so I reached out to author Chris Highcock with some ideas last month.

I created the Potato Hack website for Tim Steele’s book. But unlike that book, which you can purchase on Amazon, Chris wanted to make Hillfit available to everyone for free. I felt GitHub was the perfect free hosting solution that would let readers download both versions of Hillfit. GitHub is mostly used for code but is also a great tool for historical archiving. Unlike many fly-by-night hosting options, GitHub isn’t going anywhere.

Chris mapped to the Hillfit GitHub page. There is also a Hillfit private group on Facebook that gets a few posts each week on various fitness topics.

You can download Hillfit for free. If you use GitHub, give the repo a star.


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  1. Thanks MAS. I think the ideas here still hold up pretty well after 10 years or so. My own training is still pretty much this style although I do more static holds and timed static contractions too.

    Hope it is helpful for anyone that downloads it.

  2. @MAS You’re making a great contribution to the world by helping archive valuable sites. Between the Potato Hack, Neil Rogers and Hill Fit, I think this might be your super power.

  3. @Chris – I agree. Thanks for making HF available.

    @Jim – Thank you! I’m so glad the Ray Peat people stepped up to save his archives. I really didn’t want to start another project. 🙂

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