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My 2 Best Purchases of 2018

It is the shopping season, so I thought I would share my two favorite purchases of 2018 with you.

#1 ASUS ZenScreen

This summer I was getting frustrated with the 13-inch screen size of my laptop as it was preventing … [continue reading]

Would I Still Buy a Chromebook?

I promised I would do an update on my post from April 2014 titled I Love My Chromebook. At the time I said:

Penny for penny, the Acer Chromebook C720 is the BEST piece of technology I’ve ever owned.

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I Love My Chromebook

A topic I never blog about is technology. I tend to avoid the latest and greatest gadgets. Let others beta test the first few versions. If the technology is stable and is still interesting beyond the hype phase, then and … [continue reading]

Embrace the Vertical Mouse

Back in April, I put out the post Standing Desk – Ghetto Edition. That post was about figuring out ways of reducing my right shoulder pain. My solution of stacking my computer and monitor on boxes turned out to … [continue reading]