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Lipid Levels on 2 (mostly) Pesco-Vegan Meals a Day

Back in March, I shared how my lipid levels improved when I cut out 90% of the meat and dairy in my diet. From Lipid Levels After Going 90% Pesco-Vegan:

…I cut out 90% of my meat and dairy

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Doubling My Vitamin D Levels in 2 Months

In the post My Coronavirus Plan, I mentioned that I was Vitamin D deficient and that one of the strategies I would focus on as a defense against the Coronavirus would be getting my levels up to optimal.

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Why I Distrust Doctors

In the post Hunting Headaches Take 3, I wrote this:

I know we live in a fear mongering climate, but I do not consider my headaches to be an emergency situation. I’ve had them for many years and all

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Be Your Own Dermatologist

From about the time I was in college until two years ago I would occasionally get rosacea outbreaks on my cheeks and forehead. Rosacea is a skin condition that manifests as redness. It is mostly just a cosmetic annoyance. A … [continue reading]