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Planes, Trains and Elephants – My 2009 Asia Trip Overview

Early in my 4 week trip to Asia, I discovered that slow upload speeds would prevent me from posting my travel blogs in a sequential timeline. Now that I have all my posts finished (finally), I can assemble them in … [continue reading]

Elephant Training Video and Photos

The long awaited video and photos to my day of elephant training are finally ready. Enjoy my gracefulness! This highlight video was made using Windows Live Movie Maker, which I just downloaded and am still learning how to use.… [continue reading]

Elephant Video

This is a video clip of the elephant we saw in Ko Samui, Thailand. This is not the elephant I rode in Chiang Mai.

 … [continue reading]

Ko Samui, Thailand

After escaping the hell known as Patong Beach, I headed for the quieter beach setting of the island of Ko Samui. Although the vendors were still pushy, it was far less than Patong. If you only have a few … [continue reading]

Playing Tug of War With an Elephant

All those pull-ups didn’t help. My side got crushed in a tug of war match with an elephant in Ko Samui, Thailand. Video below.

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Elephant Training in Chiang Mai, Thailand

There are at least two ways to ride an elephant in Thailand. One is to do a trek. They put you up on a mini bench and two can ride seated side by side. That is what I planned to … [continue reading]