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Commercial Gyro Meat is Absolutely Not Gluten Free

Let me share with you the hell I went through late Sunday night, so you never have to experience it. I was out all day Saturday and ended up having lunch at a Greek┬árestaurant. I had a gyro meat … [continue reading]

The Gyro Meatloaf Recipe

Last month I created a meatball recipe that mimicked the taste of gyro meat in the post My Gyro Obsession and The Meatball Solution. Well I have taken the same principles and applied them to meatloaf for even better … [continue reading]

My Gyro Obsession and The Meatball Solution

The past few years I have really taken up the hobby of cooking. Not only has it increased the quality of my health and saved me money, but I honestly love reverse engineering recipes. The one dish over the past … [continue reading]