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Side Effects I’m Experiencing on the Peasant Diet

I adopted the Peasant Diet in 2016 after Richard Nikoley and Karl Denninger got into a feud on Twitter.  You can read about that story in the post Designing a Modern Peasant Diet. The short version is that when … [continue reading]

Yes Ice Cream is Still Better Than Protein Powder

I recently saw a thread on a Paleo forum that was discussing my 2012 post Why Ice Cream is Better Than Protein Powder. I won’t link to it, because the parent site uses pop-up newsletter forms on every page. … [continue reading]

Gaining Weight on a Paleo Diet

Yesterday I listened to Chris Kresser’s podcast on how to gain weight on a Paleo diet. If you don’t have 36 minutes, I’ll summarize it quickly and then give you my thoughts.

  • Show starts with a recorded message from a
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Ending the Ice Cream Experiment

It was about a year ago that I stepped on the scale at the gym and saw I weighed just 183 (my height is 6 ft 2.5 inches or 189 cm). This wasn’t good. I had been weight stable at … [continue reading]

Update on My Ice Cream Experiment

Last year I only had two servings of ice cream the entire year. I’ve more than made up for it this year. Around March I started eating ice cream on a weekly basis. As we moved from spring to summer, … [continue reading]

Why Ice Cream is Better Than Protein Powder

In the post Thinking About Supplements – 2012 Edition, I said this about protein powder.

Pure garbage. The limiting factor in gaining muscle is not protein. It is calories. I only wish I have figured this out years ago.

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