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Blinded By Successful Outcomes

A month ago I reviewed the body weight exercise book You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren. Now for the most part, I liked the book. By avoiding the most dangerous exercises, you could design an effective Tabata, HIT … [continue reading]

The Problem With Boot Camp Training

One of the fitness rages of the past few years has been the Boot Camp model. A personal trainer shows up at a park with a handful of clients and engages in a military-style exercise routine for 30-60 minutes. This … [continue reading]

Before Racing Back to College To Pile On More Debt

I know several people who¬†are using the recession as an opportunity to pile up more student loans and get yet another college degree. Most are intelligent and qualified to do whatever they want but think they are incapable because … [continue reading]

Military MAS

This is a page I created in 2001 about my military service.

Yes, it’s true. MAS served his country. I signed up while still in high school and entered basic training at the age of 17. I was in the … [continue reading]