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Muscle Interrupted

It has been 10 months since I last stepped foot in my gym due to the COVID lockdowns. Although my gym did reopen for a period during the late summer and early fall, I didn’t return. I had concerns about … [continue reading]

Muscular Potential and Reality Part 2 – Hardgainer Edition

In the comments of the post Muscular Potential and Reality, Skyler Tanner mentioned that the Casey Butt book had a second formula for calculating muscular potential for ectomorphs and hardgainers. Stephan at BioHacks went to work and created a … [continue reading]

Muscular Potential and Reality

Stephan over at Biohacks.net put together the Maximum Lean Body Mass Calculator. The formula used to make the calculation includes wrist and ankle size, which is a wise thing as ectomorphs tend to have smaller wrists and less muscle … [continue reading]

On Building Muscle

Time to head over to Conditioning Research to read Hypertrophy training – What does the evidence say?

Chris provides an overview of what the scientific evidence says is required to gain muscle. It isn’t about compound exercises or high volume. … [continue reading]

Why Ice Cream is Better Than Protein Powder

In the post Thinking About Supplements – 2012 Edition, I said this about protein powder.

Pure garbage. The limiting factor in gaining muscle is not protein. It is calories. I only wish I have figured this out years ago.

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How Tim Ferriss REALLY Gained 34 Pounds of Muscle in 28 Days

Although I plan to do a full review once I’ve finished reading the 4 Hour Body, I have to stop and comment on the chapter From Geek to Freak. In this chapter author Tim Ferriss gained 34 pounds of … [continue reading]