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Fish Oil is so 2010

I stopped buying fish oil in 2010. I was already becoming highly skeptical that it was the miracle supplement it was supposed to be. Whenever I’d hear claims that we need it to fight inflammation, I’d think about what was … [continue reading]

The Omnivore’s Dilemma

Over the past year, many books have been recommended to me, but the one cited most often was a book about food. Several people told me that I HAD TO READ this book. Well, I finally did and boy were … [continue reading]

Buffalo Meatball Recipe

Call me Omega 3 man. None of that corn-fed, hormone-filled beef for me. No thanks. I’ll take the grass-fed buffalo any day. After averaging several recipes together and checking what I had in my kitchen, I developed this buffalo meatball … [continue reading]

The Anabolic Quality of Food

Last year when I visited Brazil one thing had me puzzled: How could the people be so lean when a large amount of the food was either fried or loaded with sugar?

The answer I came up with at the … [continue reading]