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Rejecting the Seasonal Approach to Nutrition

In July 2011, I completed a one-year experiment where I took a seasonal approach to fitness and nutrition. The fitness part isn’t important, but I’d like to revisit the nutrition part of that experiment. For background see the post Concluding [continue reading]

Concluding Seasonal Strategies For Fitness and Nutrition

About a year ago I decided to alter my diet and activity level based upon the season. I was motivated by the differences I saw in the approaches to paleolithic diets. Some of my nutritional mentors favored higher fat levels, … [continue reading]

Spring Strategies For Nutrition and Fitness

A new season means a new installment for my seasonal approach series to nutrition and fitness. Last year I was inspired to see what would happen if I altered my diet and activity based off the seasons. This is all … [continue reading]

Reviewing Winter Strategies For Nutrition and Fitness

Now that spring has arrived, I want to go back and review the goals outlined in my post Winter Strategies for Nutrition and Fitness. My general thesis is that winter has the potential to be the best month for … [continue reading]

Seasonal Strategies – Winter Update

For those new to the site, I am currently testing a nutritional strategy that I call the seasonal approach. In the post Winter Strategies For Nutrition and Fitness, I outlined a list of goals I had for winter. … [continue reading]

Winter Strategies For Nutrition and Fitness

At the start of autumn, I posted Fall Strategies For Nutrition and Fitness where I outlined my seasonal approach to a low-carb/paleo diet.

The premise is that our bodies have growth and repair cycles, just like the planet. During the

[continue reading]