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Blinded By Successful Outcomes

A month ago I reviewed the body weight exercise book You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren. Now for the most part, I liked the book. By avoiding the most dangerous exercises, you could design an effective Tabata, HIT … [continue reading]

When Fitness and Finance Intersect

Over the past month I’ve noticed my Glitter Gym has become less crowded. Each week I see less and less people. There are less members around in the mornings, late afternoons and even the weekend. Many of the people who¬†… [continue reading]

My Thoughts on Hiring a Personal Trainer

Recently someone mentioned in passing that I was anti-personal trainer. Not true. Even though bad personal trainers provide plenty of material for Tales From the Glitter Gym, not all personal trainers are bad. And it takes two to tangle. … [continue reading]

The Scientific Fitness Program

I was at dinner with some friends recently when one of the girls told me about a scientific fitness program. The girl was young, healthy and appeared quite fit. I also know from her very unique career that she … [continue reading]