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19 Mile Urban Hike – Shoes Matter

Last year I bought a pair of minimal shoes that I loved immediately. The brand was Onitsuka Tiger. Super thin sole. The sole was actually too thin to do my uphill sprints with, but that didn’t matter, because they were … [continue reading]

Hiking Not Blogging

The weather in Seattle suddenly got really nice. This means I stepped out of hibernation and did some urban hiking. When it comes to hiking in Seattle, I take a unique approach. While everyone else spends an hour or … [continue reading]

Urban Hike – Beyond the Bridges Edition

Last week I did an Urban Hike between the 520 and 99. Today I went a little further.

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Urban Hike – Between The Bridges Edition

Since moving to Northgate it has been a while since I’ve done a Seattle urban hike greater than 10 miles. Today I tackled one of my new favorite areas, which is the Seattle side of Lake Washington between the two … [continue reading]

Urban Hike – 22.6 Mile Edition

I only intended to do a 5 mile hike today, but decided to take a few different turns and I ended up exploring a new section of Seattle. I didn’t know there was a beach with a diving board at … [continue reading]

Urban Hike – Flat Shoe Edition

With a slower walk and much flatter shoes, I covered 12.7 miles today. Espresso stops included Trabant, Herkimer and Neptune.

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