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Vancouver Espresso Vacation

This Espresso Vacation took place in May 2009 with an update which took place on a second visit in May 2012.

Memorial Day Weekend was approaching so I decided it would be an ideal time to take off on a … [continue reading]

Vancouver – Nice and Beautiful

Writing about travel is the hardest thing for me to do. I’d rather hack out 500 words on the stupidity of Ben Bernanke. It pains me to use terms like “nice” and “beautiful” to describe a … [continue reading]

Back From Canada Eh!

Vancouver was an amazing city. Think San Diego with frostbite. Actually it’s downtown is further built out than San Diego. Despite the rain and cold temperatures, I was able to get some good photos. And I now have a new … [continue reading]

Not Much of a Culture Shock

After reading the Culture Shock! books for Chile and Cuba, I thought I’d read the one for Vancouver. My first trip to Canada is in a week. How shocking is the Vancouver culture? Judging solely by the book Culture Shock! … [continue reading]