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My latest food project moves to Vietnam.






I used the average of a few pho recipes online. It turned out to be very tasty. The funny thing is that I never actually had pho before*, so I can’t tell you how authentic my version turned out. I suspect I did OK.

* I’ve been to Pho restaurants twice before and had the vegetarian option both times. Youthful indiscretion. 😉


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  1. welcome to the club of pho lovers. it looked really authentic for never actually having it before. i prefer jalapenos over sirachi but i am sure it was great. i usually make my pho broth at the end of a batch of beef broth. even after 24 hours of simmering there is some good beef flavor left in the bones. drain off your broth but leave the bones n bits, add the spices, water, and even some fat if you want. then simmer for a few hours. it doesn’t take more than a few hours to impart the flavors of the pho spices into the broth.

    it might be a good idea to go to a really good pho restaurant to help you perfect your home version.

  2. @Chuck – That is a great idea. I did some research and found I live close to one of the better Pho places in Seattle. I will visit them this week.

  3. Since this post I have had PHO at two different places in Seattle. My dish was superior to one and not as good as the other. So middle of the pack. Not bad for a first attempt.

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