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Thinking About Supplements – 2019 Edition

Wow! Has it been 6 years since my last supplement post?

Before I begin with my updated views, let me say that when it comes to supplements the vast majority of us are just guessing. We are guessing what … [continue reading]

Think You Know Vitamin D?

Until last week, I thought I understood Vitamin D. Then I attended a presentation by Green Pasture and was introduced to the Vitamin D Handbook: Structures, Synonyms, and Properties. This is an academic book that sells new for $145. … [continue reading]

Thinking About Supplements

I am not a big believer in supplements. For the most part, I see the supplement industry as a bunch of charlatans selling the modern version of snake oil. The supplement industry profits by exploiting your health fears and then [continue reading]

If I Were Still a Vegetarian…

It is true that I no longer follow a vegetarian diet. It wasn’t right for me. But that is not what this post is about. In the past few years I’ve learned how I could have done the vegetarian diet … [continue reading]