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Vegans vs Weston Price

There are two nutritional camps I respect who disagree with each other. I see the value in each path and will try to reconcile the differences.

We all know what the vegans represent—no animal products. The vegans that I follow … [continue reading]

Dances With Carbohydrates

The hot topic on Paleo blogs these days is “the return to carbohydrates”. There is a slow but growing trend of those following a Paleo diet to abandon the low-carb approach to one with moderate carb intake. Although … [continue reading]

Paleo vs Weston Price

In December, the site Latest in Paleo (then called This Week in Paleo) awarded this blog the “Paleo Blog of the Week” (episode 14). It was quite an honor to see this site on the same list as … [continue reading]

Why I Dislike American Dentists and What I Did About It

I do not carry dental insurance. I never have and never plan to. My teeth are in great shape. Back in the dot-com days, I got one small cavity after going through a full tin of Altoids every day for … [continue reading]