Move Called Off – Staying in Queen Anne

I changed my mind and accepted an offer to extend my lease for 6 months with a 5% reduction in rent. I’m sure I could have found a cheaper place, but my back injury made me reassess the move.

For almost a week when I should have been looking for new places, I could barely walk. Then when I could walk fine, I looked at a few units, but the pain flared up again. With only two weeks to find a new place and move myself (heavy couch), I decided it wasn’t wise to move at this time.


My place is fine and I love my neighborhood. I will count this as a minor victory. Just by asking my landlord to make a counter offer, I got a 3.5% increase in rent lowered to a 5% reduction. I also got the terms of the lease reduced from 12 months to 6 months. The monthly savings will pay for my cell phone and Netflix bills. Since I expect rents to continue to slide, by November I expect even lower rent or a better apartment for a similar amount.

If your lease is coming due, come armed with data and ask your landlord for a rate reduction. Even if you have no intention of moving, the worst they can say is no.


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  1. A useful rule: if you’re out of school and earn a decent living, you’re better hiring a moving company. To do otherwise is to cause yourself unnecessary hardship.

  2. Ironically, one of things I do really well is moving. I actually enjoy lifting heavy things.

    Just 2 weeks ago I was walking on the West side of QA and this couple had just moved here from Vegas. They were staring at a couch they couldn’t lift out of their moving fan. I was happy to volunteer.

  3. Find an acupuncturist. Stat.

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