Tales From the Glitter Gym – Mr. Sit Up

My return to the Glitter Gym has already yielded a new tale. This happened last week. In the free weight room there are two flat bench press stations. Usually I stick to the incline benches, but that day I wanted to do some close-grip presses on the flat bench.

Bench #1 had a towel on it. I noticed it when I entered the gym. This is usually a sign that someone is doing some circuit, getting a drink of water or talking up some lady. So I headed over to Bench #2, but a fat guy got there first. Then he proceeded to use the bench to do sit ups! There are 1,000 possible places to do sit-ups. He picked the only available flat bench in the gym. Below is a stunningly beautiful drawing of the stupidity I witnessed.


What is it with fat guys and sit-ups? You can not spot reduce a big belly with crunches. Fat loss comes from dieting.If you have a gut, try intermittent fasting or at a minimum cut the processed carbs. Sit ups aren’t going to do anything for that belly.

I didn’t have time to furrow my brow in disgust at the inconsiderate fat guy doing sit-ups. There was still Bench #1. That person still hadn’t returned. I waited. I was considerate. Now it was my turn to use the equipment. Using a move that resembled a golf swing, I swatted the towel off the bench and sent it flying about a meter. Then I proceeded to complete my exercises.

Later I looked back at the two Benches. The fat guy, now dripping in sweat, was picking up the towel I knocked on the floor. Yes, he let his towel rest on Bench #1 while he dropped pools of sweat on Bench #2. If I didn’t get such glee knowing this jerk would never come close to seeing his abs, I would have let it upset me. 🙂

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  1. ha…..you take picture frequently for your articles. Bring your camera next time.

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