A Fresh Coat of Glitter

At the end of August, I let my Glitter Gym membership expire. They didn’t have any fall specials, so I decided to play Rambo in the park instead. I posted about my new gym in the Coffee Hero post Freeing Up More Money for Coffee.

I sort of had a plan on how I was going to do resistance training on the cheap. Seattles Green Lake Park has two sets of pull-up rings. Add in some push-ups and your cooking. Today I tested out my new gym and it was successful.

Then I got sick and took a week off. During my home rest period, I found a 2-week trial pass to a downtown gym. I’ve already gone twice and plan to visit two more times before my pass expires. This place is much larger than my previous Glitter Gym. Tons of cool equipment. Nobody racking weights. Dumbbells were thrown on the floor everywhere. Small plates racked over large weights. Lots of slicky boys wearing dress pants selling downtown workers on memberships they won’t use. Pure Glitter!

Will I be signing up? Not likely. This gym is a 6-mile round-trip walk from my home. I will be on the lookout for other trial gym memberships in the Seattle area. More Glitter Gyms means more Tales From the Glitter Gym. :)


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  1. Tales From the Glitter Gym are some of my favorite things to read online (and that includes ALL the stuff I read online — which is quite a huge freakin’ bit). It would really suck to see the stories end, so … please find another Glitter Gym soon! Hurry!! 🙂

  2. Have no fear – more Glitter is coming!

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