Who Do I Write This Blog For?

Every now and then someone will tell me what I should blog about. Someday I’ll explain why I detest the word should, but for now I’ll explain who the target audience is for the blog. Only after the target audience is defined can one understand why I rarely take suggestions for blog topics.

Who do I write this blog for?

#1 ME!

This is my story. There might be a post on a book I just read or a place I just visited. All things that I care to share, but all things that were interesting to me. My interests can and do change over time.

Back in September 2000, I wrote a blog post about the Autobiographical aspect to blogging. Note that in 2000, I was refusing to use the term “blog” and instead used the term “web log”. I was such a rebel in my youth.

[An autobiographical blog] only works is you live an interesting life. Most people don’t. Web logs about getting stuck in traffic or reformatting a hard drive are complete drivel. Meeting the President or totalling a car is far more interesting. If your life isn’t that exciting, perhaps developing a web log to document your days on Earth isn’t the best use of your time.

So the primary function of this blog is to keep ME interested. I do and learn interesting things and share them here. If I don’t do or learn something interesting, then this blog falls apart. I’m not going to sit around taking personality quizzes just to have something to post. I have things to do.

Lil MAS first Day of School

#2 Readers that Comment

I love good comments that extend the discussion of the topic. In July, there was so many good comments on The Importance of College that I will most likely be creating a new post on that topic. I’ve had some really good comments in the past year. Thank you!

#3 Everyone Else

The anonymous majority is last. Does this mean I think valued commenters, many whom I’ve never even met, are a more important audience than friends and family that don’t comment? Absolutely.


Add yours

  1. This post is so YOU, Michael..well said! 🙂

  2. If someone wants you to write about something else give them your paypal id and tell them you’re waiting for their substantial deposit.

    Until then write about whatever the hell you want!

  3. I thought this web log was about ME! Very depressed now.

  4. oops … meant to say FOR me. Now I’m REALLY depressed.

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