A month ago, I discovered that despite thinking that I had forever conquered the common cold that I was mortal. My 18+ month streak without getting sick may have been the longest I’ve ever experienced. I’m moving in the right direction by strengthening my immune system, but I am not perfect. That cold was a reminder.

Monday night I started feeling light-headed. A very slight sore throat was next. Then I got the chills. My confidence in being indestructible had just taken a hit and now I began to think I was getting sick again. Only this time I suspected I was on the edge of getting the flu. You know, that flu. H1N1, the Swine Flu.

Now I couldn’t sleep, so I went online and began reading pages and pages on forums from people who¬†were sick from the swine flu. Now I was having a mild panic attack.

Photo Panic button by Star5112

I eventually fell asleep and woke up 9 hours later. I felt better but not perfect. All day long I asked myself how I was doing. Checking my throat glands, looking at my skin color, and feeling for a fever. If this were a cold, I’d have a full-blown sore throat by now, but I didn’t.

Wednesday I woke up feeling a little bit better and today I am probably 98% normal. I never got a cold or the flu. I had something, but I suspect my aggressive use of tea, healthy foods, Vitamin D, and rest smacked it around before it ever got near full strength.

The takeaway lesson is don’t read Swine Flu forums if you are trying to get to sleep.