Bacon Egg Cupcakes

Earlier this week I saw a video showing how to make bacon-wrapped egg cupcakes. I was so inspired that I made the recipe twice. The first time I did a scrambled egg version, The second time, I took the advice in the video and did the eggs “sunny side up”.

I had made up bacon ahead of time. Having more uniform-sized pieces would have made the cupcake more pretty, but won’t make a difference with the cupcake taste or structural integrity. To prevent the cupcake from sticking to the tray, I smeared in some bacon fat first.


Wrapping the cupcake tray with bacon.


Here I added the scrambled eggs.


Bacon Egg Cupcakes Take #1


The next day I didn’t scramble the eggs and just placed them in whole.


Bacon Egg Cupcakes Take #2

I baked these at 385 degrees for 15 minutes. Take #1 tasted good, but Take #2 was excellent. For Take #3, I am going to sprinkle in some red pepper flakes.


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  1. Nice! 🙂

  2. It is amusing to consider how provocative recipes like this one are.

    I also wish I could get good bacon around here.

  3. While certainly not the paradigm for healthy eating, the guys at Epicmealtime have a similar concept. It looks like they line the trays with uncooked bacon and allow the bacon to cook in the oven with the filling. You might get better coverage with the raw bacon and the raw bacon would bring its own fat to the party so pre-greasing the cups shouldn’t be necessary. In fact I will try it with raw bacon now!

  4. Those sunny side up egg cupcakes look so tasty! I’d be tempted to drop in some small bites of sweet potato sauteed with onions, for a homefrie effect. I never get sick of the eggs, bacon, avocado combo either.

  5. @Geoff – Let us know how the raw bacon method works. My only concern is that depending upon the type of bacon, the tray would fill with bacon fat. Jowl bacon is super fatty.

  6. @Geoff – I would suggest par cooking the bacon in the cups for a few minutes to draw out a little of the fat. Once you add the eggs you may be in for a greasy mess and the equivalent of boiled bacon. I am thinking that you would want the bacon to be crispy. The egg will act like a lid to the grease and boil the bacon versus frying it; especially if your eggs are cold and not room temp.

  7. @Mas and @Michelle

    Good advice from you both. My results: Round one – adding eggs on top of uncooked bacon – produced bacon that was steamed/boiled on the bottom. Chewy and not crisp. Edible but not a delight. Round two – precooking the bacon in the cups before adding the eggs was better (crispy all around) but it did splatter a lot as the eggs went in. In both methods though the cups were well formed and easy to remove without pregreasing the muffin pan. I used some local bacon that was reasonably fatty but probably not as fatty as jowl bacon. Also had some minced red bell pepper in both sets. Round three may be a test of precooking the cups then draining and cooling before adding the eggs. But that may well make what I thought would be a time saving idea more effort.

  8. We are doing important research here! 🙂

  9. MAS – I’ve been meaning to ask you where you get your bacon. The supermarket stuff is obviously garbage, with nitrates and all kinds of sugar. But doesn’t all bacon get cured with sugar?

  10. @Marian – I got mine from Blue Valley Meats (formerly known as Thundering Hooves). I really don’t know a lot about bacon, but my guess is their stuff is probably higher quality than the supermarket stuff.

  11. US Wellness Meats online offer a fantastic sugar and nutrite free bacon 🙂

  12. Well I lined the cupcake pan with peppered bacon (def. didn’t need spray) and put a spoonful of bisquick mixture (one cup bisquick, half cup milk, one egg) into each center and put on the top rack of oven at 385 degrees for about 6 min or so (until the mix seems set). Then I fried the eggs in a pan and put mostly just the yolk in centers with cheese and green onion on top and baked for a few more min.

    It was a little salty and bacon not very crispy but super delicious. I think the green onion definitely added goodnesssssss!

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