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Bacon Egg Cupcakes

Earlier this week I saw a video showing how to make bacon-wrapped egg cupcakes. I was so inspired that I made the recipe twice. The first time I did a scrambled egg version, The second time, I took the advice … [continue reading]

Mini Quiches With No Crust

This is for all you cereal eaters that don’t have the time and energy to make eggs in the morning. Make a tray or two of these crust-less quiches in the evening. Place them in the refrigerator and eat them … [continue reading]

If I Were Still a Vegetarian…

2019 UPDATE: This post has not aged well. There is a lot I would remove or change. It is only remaining on the site for archival purposes.

It is true that I no longer follow a vegetarian diet. It wasn’t … [continue reading]

Poached Eggs – Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory

Recently, I was reading about how the body treats oxidized cholesterol differently from regular cholesterol. The oxidized stuff is what you want to minimize. US News and World Reports put out Oxidized LDL Cholesterol Linked to Metabolic Syndrome last year … [continue reading]