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Bacon Egg Cupcakes Now With Spinach and Ricotta

I did a twist on my Bacon Egg Cupcakes by adding some chopped spinach and Mexican ricotta cheese. Yummy!




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Green Beans are Better With Bacon

Green beans with onions, garlic, red pepper flakes and bacon with a side of baked sweet potato.

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Bacon Egg Cupcakes

Earlier this week I saw a video showing how to make bacon-wrapped egg cupcakes. I was so inspired that I made the recipe twice. The first time I did a scrambled egg version, The second time, I took the advice … [continue reading]

Chicken Hearts + Bacon + Apples + Onions

I got this recipe idea from my friend Sue in Portland. Turns out chicken hearts are loaded with that miracle nutrient Co-enzyme Q10 (aka Co Q 10). According to the Wikipedia, it is really good for heart health (yours, not … [continue reading]