Fermentation Invasion

My vegetable ferments are taking over.


Back Row: Ghost Pepper Sauerkraut, Green Cabbage kimchi. Front Row: Smoked Alderwood Salt Sauerkraut, Carrot and Ginger (2), more Green Cabbage Kimchi

Both the Ghost Pepper and Smoked Alderwood Sauerkrauts are in R&D mode. No recipe. Just trying something new. If it really impresses me, I’ll make more. I have made the Carrot and Ginger ferment before. This time I sliced the carrots thinner. As for the kimchi, I discovered what Firefly Kitchens did and that is Green Cabbage kicks ass in kimchi. The ferment takes longer, but the flavor is better. Thanks to summer, my ferments are taking about 2 weeks. If this were winter, I’d probably go 3-4 weeks. The Green Cabbage kimchi peaked at 10 days.

I still have another head of cabbage in the refrigerator. Maybe I’ll make another Dill and Caraway Sauerkraut? Either that or something with Thai peppers.



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  1. OK, without scouring your site I have to ask what book you recommend for fermentation info. I want to play with this more. I learned a hard lesson regarding fermenting in the summer. I had a batch of kimchi that I had to throw out……it didn’t agree with me.

  2. @chuck – My favorite one so far is The Joy of Pickling.

    Side note: it may be too hot to get a good fermentation in many parts of the country right now. I like 60s to low 70s best. The worst kimchi I ever made was last summer when the temperatures got into the 80s. I had to end it after 4 days and the flavor profile didn’t develop that much.

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