The High Road

This will be a quick post describing what happened after I ended the Tales From the Glitter Gym series in January after getting linked from Metafilter and receiving a huge amount of negative feedback. I was planning on ending the series anyway and it seemed a perfect time to pull the plug. Plus I had good reasons to not respond to my attackers.


Me and my sister engaged in a Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robot battle.

One of my critics gave me an idea for a post that would eventually become The Myth of Cardiovascular Training. This post ended up being well received in the High Intensity Training community. Back when I wrote that post I was very new to HIT and still trying to figure things out. After that post, I received an invitation to visit Ideal Exercise for a HIT workout. Super trainer Greg Anderson took me through the most intense 9-minute workout I’d ever experienced. What I thought HIT was and what I experienced were two different things.

Since that workout, I have fully embraced HIT. These days I am experimenting with an outdoor version of HIT. 2011 turned out to be the best year I had in strength training in a decade. Despite being ten years older, my joints never felt beaten down. My fitness posts got better and my site traffic went up over 50%. Along the way, I received some excellent comments in the blog which have further improved my health.

This chain reaction of events all started one Friday back in January. Deciding not to engage in an Internet battle and instead retire Tales From the Glitter Gym turned out to be the best decision I made in 2011.


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  1. Nifty as hell.

    Happy Holidays MAS!

  2. All the best to you MAS as we slide into a new year. In part thanks to your ideas and our dialogue, I’ve been injury free and fitter than ever – at age 47 – and I’ve always been in decent shape.


  3. @GWhitney – Thank you. I’ve learned a lot from you as well. Thanks for turning me onto the BulletProof Exec podcast. Looks like Episode 15 has one of my questions in it.

    @Joe – Best to you. I hope to visit San Diego soon and meet up with you. This is the dreadful season in Seattle. 🙁

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