Chlorination Elimination Experimentation

Last week I ended my topical coconut oil experiment and started a new skin experiment.

A month ago I was poking around the Underground Wellness site when I found a post about shower filters. My first thought was skepticism. I understood why you filter drinking water, but was doubtful there were risks to city water hitting your skin in the shower. Then I researched it further and became convinced that showering in chlorinated water presented a potential health danger that was very inexpensive to eliminate. So I bought a shower filter.

One of the numbers I saw in several places was that taking a 10-15 minute shower with unfiltered water was like drinking 8 cups of chlorinated water. I’m not sure about any of this.¬†What I do know is that since moving to Ballard I can smell the chlorine in my shower. Getting a shower filter is cheap insurance.

I bought a basic GE Shower filter. This is before I knew about the Vitamin C Shower Filters mentioned in Chris Kresser’s article. Amazon sells both. I was able to install it myself without any problem and no one has ever confused me with being a handyman.

GE GXSM01HWW Shower Filter System

VITASHOWER SF-1 (Vitamin C Shower Filter)

Since my showers are already very short, I’ll probably be fine with the GE model for now. The chlorine smell is gone, so I assume it is working fine. In a month or two, I’ll report back if there is a change in my skin health.


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  1. Cool. I have been wanting to try one of these.

    BTW, made beef liver pate yesterday. It’s not as good as the chicken liver version, but I assume ultra healthy!

  2. I’ve used one of an Aquasauna filter at several past residences:

    The water feels and smells different. Pay attention to how well your soap and shampoo suds up and your skin will also be less dry.

    I think they are worthwhile investments.

  3. shower filters

    Mar 1, 2012 — 6:36 pm

    I have become a shower filter user too. I don’t remember for sure what movie it was (perhaps A Civil Action with John Travolta, maybe Erin Brokovich) where people where getting their dose of cancer causing chemicals by inhaling the atomized particles in their shower. Yuck.

  4. Chlorinated Water issue: So, all those kids on the swim team through school, college and then eventually daily lap swimmers at the Y are doomed.

  5. Glenn Whitney

    Mar 2, 2012 — 10:37 pm

    VERY interesting. Thanks for the post.

    To be fair to Andrew Weil, he highlighted this problem many years ago… and I’ve ignored it.

  6. @Mike – I’m guessing the average pool swimmer also takes hot showers, so I’m not sure how one could study both groups to see different illness outcomes.

    I really wanted to dismiss this idea as fear mongering, but it is SO CHEAP that I had to try. Cheaper than a bottle of vitamins.

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