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Oura Ring Sleep Tracker – 42 Day Review

This summer I went looking for my next health challenge. After reading Super Human by Dave Asprey and listening to Peter Attia’s Drive podcast, I decided to tackle improving my sleep quality. They both like the Oura Ring as a … [continue reading]

Did I Heal My Cavities With Ice Cream?

July 28, 2011: I sat in front of a monitor as the dentist showed me two dental cavities. They were in my wisdom teeth. On the screen, I could clearly see each cavity.

April 23, 2015: A new dentist walked … [continue reading]

An n=1 Skeptic

I spent last week fixing years worth of grammar errors on this site. Over 300 posts were updated. While fixing the posts I was reacquanted with many of my old n=1 experiments. A lot of what I read made me … [continue reading]

Low Food Reward: Tuna + Tomato Paste + Rice

I came up with a low food reward idea. Mix a can of tuna with a can of tomato paste and rice.

This is a true appetite crusher.


Looks more like cat food than people food.

This would be the … [continue reading]

Embracing Food Reward

I mentioned at the end of the post Food Reward and Old School Bodybuilders that I would be testing the food reward theory for myself. There are several bloggers that get hung up on the definition of food reward. To … [continue reading]

The Grand Experiment Revisited

One of the wonderful things about having a blog that goes back years is you can revisit older posts and see not only what you were up to but how you interpreted those events. With more time and knowledge, we … [continue reading]