Cajun Style Sheep Testicles

I wonder if anyone has ever combined Cajun spices with Icelandic sheep testicles before? 🙂

Besides the fact they taste great, why would anyone eat animal testicles? They are loaded with protein and high in cholesterol. Cholesterol has been demonized as being unhealthy and a cause of heart disease. That is a myth. Several books have been written on the topic. That is old news.

The recent news is how dietary cholesterol can help build strong muscles. Check out Research Update: Eating More Cholesterol Makes Muscles Stronger by Anthony Colpo if this topic is of interest. (FEB 2017 UPDATE: Colpo’s article is now behind paywall).





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2 thoughts on “Cajun Style Sheep Testicles”

  1. I’ll be getting a pair on Monday; my cholesterol is fine (at 400+), but my triglycerides could come down 40mg/dl or so, which is why I’ll be upping my intake of entrails and laying off the lard habit a bit.

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