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Was Paleo Wrong About Sunscreen Too? Part 3

Back in 2017, I did two blog posts asking if Paleo or standard medical wisdom was correct on sunscreen.

After I summarize those two posts, I’ll … [continue reading]

Was Paleo Wrong About Sunscreen Too? Part 2

I want to continue the discussion I started in the post Was Paleo Wrong About Sunscreen Too?

In that post, I addressed doubts I was having with the two polar extreme opinions on the role of sunscreen. Based on the … [continue reading]

Was Paleo Wrong About Sunscreen Too?

I’ve been actively following the direction of the disagreements Paleo has with the standard mainstream advice for almost a decade now. Sometimes the Paleo position moves closer to the mainstream and someones the mainstream moves closer to Paleo. One example … [continue reading]

Using the Power of Story for Fat Loss

In previous posts, I mentioned how this year I’ve been thinking a lot about the role of stories when it comes to fat loss and diets in general. Stories provide easy to understand compelling frameworks to follow. Stories can provide … [continue reading]

5 Issues I Had With Your Personal Paleo Code

I just finished reading Chris Kresser’s book Your Personal Paleo Code. There is nothing new in this book if you are familiar with his blog or the basics of Paleo. It is a long-winded version of Primal Blueprint mixed … [continue reading]

Training to Failure is a Tool

I just finished reading Solving the Paleo Equation by Matt Stone and Garrett Smith. With a minor exception, I really liked the book. The audience is not necessarily just those stuck on a Paleo diet, but any dieter that finds … [continue reading]