The Fat Loss Bet

In my last post How I Regained the Weight I Lost, I mentioned the bet.

Yesterday I entered a bet with three others. We are all going to lose 20 pounds. If I lose, I will be required to go 1 week without coffee. My body could use the break, so this is a win-win.

To me this was the least interesting part of the post, but it is what has gathered the most attention, both online and off. So before I do the post on how I plan to lose the 20 pounds, I want to cover the bet.

Last week I spent several hours working on my health goals and what it would take to accomplish them. Once I had all the data in front of me, it was clear that I needed to drop 20 pounds to help my knee heal. I was already drafting the post when I mentioned this to a friend. This friend liked my goal and adopted it as her own. It was her idea to make it a competition. On Sunday two more friends were inspired to join the bet.

Geoff had a great comment on what makes a motivating bet. For me the motivation is not winning the bet, as I would gladly give up coffee for a week to see my 3 friends lose 20 pounds. My motivation it is getting my knee healthy again. Posting a blog post also provides a level of accountability that I used successfully when I went a month without coffee. In the post A Month Without Coffee – Here Goes!, I laid out the case both for and against publicly announcing your goals. I decided to test being publicly accountable and it worked.

The thought of me suffering a week without coffee is motivating to my friends in the bet. Yet my motivation is to avoid going another summer in Seattle with restricted movement.


When summer hits in Seattle, I don’t want to be sitting down icing my knee. 

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12 thoughts on “The Fat Loss Bet”

  1. Ok, but how long do you have to lose the 20lbs? Is it whoever loses them first? (And if I lose 20 lbs first do I win something? What can I say – I’m competitive. Not that I know what I weigh now or anything. But I figure that’s 4 inches off the waist. Maybe I should measure my waist?)

    At any rate, good luck and have fun with it.

  2. @Anemone – We put a 5 month limit. If no one has won by then, the person with the most pounds lost will be declared the winner.

  3. MAS – You are in the right frame of mind. The pain you would experience from missing a summer exploring Seattle (to say nothing of the physical pain in your knee) is a strong motivation to lose those 20 pounds and heal your knee. Your weight loss goal has reached Dan John’s stage of “must” – you’ll get there.

  4. @newtopaleo – No.

    @Geoff – Thanks.

    @Mike – I plan to go without coffee longer than 1 week once summer arrives, but not until the weight is off. If I could do a month in October, a week in the summer is no big thing.

  5. @Glenn – He’s not and to prove it, I will commit to going at least 1 week without coffee this summer even if I win the bet.

  6. @Mike @glenn I don’t follow…wouldn’t a coffee addict be further motivated to reach his goal in order to prevent the week of abstinence?

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