The Fat Loss Side Bet

There seems to be some disagreement on if the terms of the Fat Loss Bet are motivating enough to me to either win or sabotage myself. So I contacted the woman that came up with the bet idea in the first place. Here is what I offered to her:

If you can lose 20 pounds by June 22nd, I will drink one espresso a day for a week from Starbucks, but if I’ve already lost my 20 pounds by then the side bet is off.

The people who know me in Seattle are already laughing right now. I am the organizer of The Coffee Club of Seattle, whose primary mission to get people out of Starbucks to support local independent coffee. This would be like forcing a Democrat to hold up a Republican sign at a rally or vice versa.


This is how I view Starbucks Coffee.

The timeline also adds more motivation on both sides. I think she can lose 20 pounds by June 22nd, but she will need to be committed. The thought of me walking into Starbucks for a week is super motivating for her. But my out is if I can get the 20-pound loss first, the side bet is off.

shit got real


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  1. My recent history looks a lot like yours: too skinny from clean eating and an outdoor job, added ice cream (and lots of it) and started a cubicle job, and I’m 20 lbs.

    I think I’ll join you on your journey!

    (love your blog – I’m a self experimenter myself)

  2. fitnessbetwinner

    Feb 27, 2014 — 11:56 am

    That Charbucks shirt is so well loved. Maybe if you win, I can scrounge you a new one. But I’d rather document the sad look of suffering in your eyes when you sip that espresso.

  3. @Lisa – Thanks. I will have my plan of attack post out later today.

    @fitnessbetwinner – I got that shirt in Maui in 2004. Since then numerous people have asked where to get it. I can’t find it anywhere. We may need to commission someone with some art skills to make a new version.

  4. MAS – Adding some serious “Alpo” motivational fuel to the fire! The combination of your knee pain and the pain you’d experience from missing out on exploring Seattle in summer were sufficient to motivate you to lose the 20 pounds. Now you’ve added a strong motivation to also win the bet. Well played.

    Seeing your shirt brings back memories of a local coffee roaster in New Hampshire I frequented almost 20 years ago. They offered a dark roast called “Charbucks”. Predictably enough, Starbuck’s issued them a C&D. Decades of litigation have followed, yet Starbucks appears to have been unable to prevail. Score 1 for the little guys.

  5. “shit just got real”…. that made me LOL.

  6. @Geoff – I once got a C&D from *$ for posting a homemade Frap… recipe that used vodka. I changed the name of the recipe and I never heard from them again.

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