Despite all you have heard, it is not hard to cancel Comcast. You just have to know how to do it. Most of the time when we call up to cancel a service, be it Comcast or someone else, we usually have a good reason. Could be poor service or we got a better deal somewhere else. When we make that call, we feel the need to justify our decision. There in lies the problem.

The customer service rep wants to retain you as a customer. They deal with unhappy customers ready to cancel all the time. Unlike you, they have had this same conversation many times before. They will keep talking to you looking for any sign of weakness that they can win you back. The post It’s Completely Absurd How Hard It Is to Cancel Comcast by Ashley Feinberg not only tells the story of a man who desperately wanted to cancel, but some of the scripts used by Comcast to keep customers from leaving.

I have a simpler solution. When you call to cancel, communicate these three points and you’ll have no problem canceling.

  1. I love Comcast service, but I need to cancel.
  2. I am moving.
  3. The place I am moving to already has Comcast service setup, which is awesome.

It doesn’t matter if any of those statements are true. At this point what can they do? As far as the customer service rep is concerned, they have retained you as a customer. The customer service rep wins. You win because you don’t need to sit on the phone explaining your decision to leave, because (wink wink) you will still be using Comcast services. And Comcast loses, because they lost a customer and they don’t know why.

I am only upfront with my reasons for canceling a service when I want to give them a chance to win me back. I go into detail on this negotiation tactic in the post Sign of the Times – The Counter Offer and offer specific advice in How to Deal With Comcast.


Photo by Daniel Kulinski