My 15 Day Review of Active 10

This is a follow-up to the post Active 10 vs 10,000 Steps a Day.

I wanted to see how well the Active 10 app would work. Below are two screenshots. The first is the Active 10 app and the second is the iOS Health data.

Active 10

iOS Health

As you can see from my data, I had 7 days this month where I completed 30-40 minutes of brisk walking. Due to my knee issues, I never walked fast enough that I would have considered it brisk. Maybe just short of brisk? I never got out of breath or even close. Yet, the app gave me credit for brisk walking.

The app gives credit for minutes of brisk walking and blocks of 10-minute brisk walking. You can make the minutes easily without making the 3-blocks.

The app is more concerned with consecutive walking. What I discovered was that urban hiking is problematic to reach these 10-minute blocks, because we stop for cars and wait for the light to change. This stop is enough to reset the block.

Historical data is a bit light. There is no way for me to dig deeper into the data for past days. I can see the minutes earned, but not how many 10-minute blocks I earned. You can only see the block earned on the current day.

I will be uninstalling the app for a few reasons:

  1. I’m getting credit for brisk walking that I do not consider to be brisk. Perhaps I am too fit for this app? And if I am too fit, then likely so are the readers of this site.
  2. I walk mostly in the city and I do not want to be hit by a car, so getting the blocks for me could be a dangerous goal.
  3. Historical data to collect 10-minute block data is non-existent.
  4. I strongly suspect the Active 10 app is a battery drain. According to iOS, it is eating 6-7% of my battery, but it seems like more.
  5. For me, the iOS step data is enough. I’ll step 5-7,000 when my knee is bad and 10-15k if it ever gets better.

For those that joined me on the Active 10 test, what were your experiences?


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  1. My experience was similar to yours, and I will also be uninstalling the app. Like you I noted the discrepancy between what I consider “brisk” walking and the apps lower standard. Walking in a city area – or anywhere you could get caught by a red light for that matter – was also frustrating. I agree that the iOS step data is plenty good enough, especially since I know my notion of brisk walking easily meets the apps criteria.

  2. Good experiment. I could see from the outset it did not fit my lifestyle. I bought a FitBit last summer, tried hard to like it…lasted about 3 weeks, lol. Too many problems and credit for steps I did not take. I have to laugh when people brag about 10, 20K steps, and hold up a FitBitted wrist as proof.

  3. I’ve given up on the app too. Battery life was taking a hit.

    I also do not think we are the target market.

  4. Ive been using this app for months with no problems at all then suddenly last week it didnt register any walking. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it worked for a couple of days then today its not registered anything again. There seems to be no way to get any help from them! Unfortunately it seems to be the only app that doesnt count steps and/or that differentiates between normal and brisk walking. I’m very disappointed!

  5. It’s credited me with 7 minutes walking just from getting up to going downstairs – 2 mins max, if that?

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