Lift Slow – Getting Started with High Intensity Training

In my previous post, I mentioned the lack of resources for teaching the very basics of HIT and safe lifting to beginners. Most of what is available either assumes too much background knowledge or is too long-winded or is too hard to discover.

I’m a fan of leaning into problems that I feel I can solve. I think I can communicate the ideas of high-intensity to a newbie audience, plus I have the web skills to put together a portal for that information.

Today I launched a new website called Lift Slow.

For now, I put up a splash page. Content will be coming later this summer. I don’t see this project as a blog. Right now, I think this will be more like a pamphlet. Enough information to get someone started. Once they have an appreciation of this exercise philosophy, they can be passed on to the advanced sites and resources should they want to further their education.

You do not need to bookmark Lift Slow. I’ll be posting here when I have a true version 1 online.

Photo by Elias Rovielo

UPDATE 2021: I didn’t pursue this idea and let the domain name expire.



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  1. My husband has been reading Body by Science and has been trying to do it. I noticed you work out three times a week but the book says once a week is enough. Can you point me to an article explaining that? Are there websites at this time that you could point to to help? I think this project you are working on would be very helpful.

  2. @Char – The reasons I am currently working out 3x a week instead of 1 include:

    1- My gym is too hot for me to engage in true High Intensity without me getting headaches. Dr. McGuff’s gym is 61 degrees. My gym is often 70. The difference between those 2 numbers for me is massive.

    2- Reducing intensity means increasing volume.

    3- My body type (ectomorph) tends to respond better to higher volume.

    There might be more reasons, but those are the primary ones.

    As for other websites, no. My disappointment with the HIT community is they only seem to be talking to the exercise nerds that are willing to sit down and read 5,000-word articles on the most minute points. This is why I’ll be building out Lift Slow later this year.

  3. One of the main reasons I don’t often leave comments (I read all your stuff) is that I always sound like I have reading comprehension issues. I recall now why you have said you train more often (gym temperature). My husband is also an ectomorph (6’5″ and 215 lbs). What do you mean by “higher volume”? greater frequency or higher weights?
    Thank you for your patience with me.

  4. @Char – “Higher Volume” to me means more sets and/or more visits to the gym.

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