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Exercise Induced Headaches – A Path Forward?

I found an interesting discussion between Doug McGuff and Drew Baye on YouTube. One of the topics they covered was exercise-induced headaches. This is something I experienced regularly when I did High Intensity Training. It is also the reason that … [continue reading]

Pavel’s Quick & Dead vs HIT

Greg left an interesting comment on the post Notes on Pavel’s – The Quick and the Dead that I felt deserved its own post. I might need some help from the HIT experts as I have not kept up with … [continue reading]

Understanding My Bias Against Cardio

One of my favorite podcasts is Masters In Business from Bloomberg by Barry Ritholtz. The show is a collection of interviews with some of the brightest and most successful people in finance. (side note: Ritholtz actually left a comment on [continue reading]

Heavier Weight, Greater Volume, and Going to Failure

This is a follow-up to the previous post The Case For High Intensity Training Seems to be Getting Weaker.

Heavier Weight or More Volume?

Chris shared this article by Lyle McDonald, which was published a day after my blog … [continue reading]

The Case For High Intensity Training Seems to be Getting Weaker

This post is what I hope to be the start of a conversation. I haven’t made up my mind on this topic yet.

Before I share some things I’ve learned recently, I’ll give a little background on the topic. I … [continue reading]

Lift Slow – Getting Started with High Intensity Training

In my previous post, I mentioned the lack of resources for teaching the very basics of HIT and safe lifting to beginners. Most of what is available either assumes too much background knowledge or is too long-winded or is … [continue reading]