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A few weekends ago, I completed Net Ninja’s tutorial of Bootstrap 5 on YouTube. I learned just enough to make a website that isn’t hideous. After I had a decent-looking potato portal, I hired an artist on Fiverr to create a custom potato drawing.

Here is the new The website is static HTML that is published from my GitHub repo via Netlify. Like my radio site and this blog, is 100% non-commercial and uses no tracking.

happy potato

I’m sure I made an error or two. If you have any feedback or corrections, let me know. Also, type in a bad link to see the custom 404 page. I had a crying potato image made as well. 🤣


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  1. Nice!

  2. The Potato artist hit it out of the park. Well done potato artist guy!

  3. The page turned out great!

    Would love more detail about what “cool overnight” means for non-native speakers. At room temp.? Fridge? Freezer?

  4. @Christian – Great feedback. I update that section for clarification.

  5. Thank you for your work on this! I can now send my friends/family to the site for explanation of my crazy potato thing!

  6. Love the work. Thanks for helping maintain the legacy!

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