Long Live the Potato Hack!

Unlike most bloggers, I run a broken link checker to alert me if any of my links break. Then I can repair the link, so if you as a reader click on a link here, you won’t get an error.

A week ago, I started getting reports that Tim Steele’s potatohack.com was down. I reached out to him to see what was going on. He informed me that he was no longer going to pay WordPress.com to map the domain to his blog (potatohack.wordpress.com). I offered to take the domain and set up a potato hack portal. He accepted. 😁

Yesterday, I got the new domain up and running with a new HTTPS certificate on one of my hosts. Right now, PotatoHack.com is a simple list of links. Getting the page online quickly so inbound links resolved was the most important step.

I’m glad this domain was saved from the Digital Graveyard.


Photo by Daniel Dan

Now it is time to make the page pretty. This week I will start building out a nicer potato portal. I want to link to Tim’s book, blog, and some of my potato posts. What else would you like to see on the PotatoHack page?


Add yours

  1. Simon Melville

    Dec 14, 2021 — 4:36 am

    Well done @MAS on sorting this out – typically proactive of you!
    Best wishes, Simon

  2. What else would you like to see on the PotatoHack page?

    The many benefits of a high starch diet,

  3. Possible link to add.
    In a surprising development, this supplement selling guy did a great job reviewing the potato hack.

  4. Gut biome, resistance starch, butyrate

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