Some Broken Link Housekeeping

This blog and my coffee website both run broken link checkers. Whenever a link breaks, I step in to fix it.

A few months ago, Mark Si$$on decided to remove EVERY SINGLE page from MarksDailyApple. He left a message saying the site would be back in 2024. It is still down. What an idiot. You don’t take down a working version of a website with THOUSANDS of inbound links over more than a decade without having the new version ready to go.

In 2017, I posted some stories on The Digital Graveyard of My Health and Fitness Mentors. This one shocks me the most because Si$$on is supposedly a smart businessman.

Caveman trying to access Mark’s Daily Apple

Anyway, I gave Mark a few weeks to get his content back online. He failed, so I removed every link to his site. I did the same to T-Nation and Ted Talks when they moved every link without 301 redirects.

That didn’t take much work. Now, I have a much bigger problem. Flickr is now returning a 502 Bad Gateway error for images. The images resolve, but my logs are filling up with these errors. I’m working with Flickr now to resolve this, but it looks like I’ll be spending this weekend moving images and updating image links. As someone who practices Inbox Zero, I can’t stare at pages and pages of potential broken links and not take action.

Unlike MarksDailyApple, which took maybe 20 minutes of work on my part, this will take a weekend as there are a few hundred errors in the logs between the two sites.

Even though Blogging Was Always Doomed To Fail, I’ll keep fighting the good fight.


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  1. Stuart Gilbert

    Feb 23, 2024 — 10:05 pm

    Just a theory, but maybe, just maybe, he did it intentionally.
    Now that the hype and “theory” behind paleo eating and living is starting to slowly unravel, perhaps Sisson wanted to reboot without any links to the past.
    I suspect that he may come back with a “revised” approach which is minus any links to his old work, so that no one can question him and use previous posts / thoughts as evidence.
    I suspect that he is a smart businessman also…
    I could be wrong…but just a thought.

  2. @Stuart: I couldn’t have said it better myself, my thoughts exactly. The big question is, what is the direction going to be? Marks Daily Ribeye??

  3. Even if Mark takes his site a new direction, this is absolutely the wrong approach. It is a dick move to the thousands of bloggers and sites that have been linking to him for 15 years. An external link sends your reader off your site. It is a trust signature. Mark didn’t break the links because he got bored with blogging or couldn’t pay his hosting bill.

    As of this morning, his entire site is down. Not even a splash page. Looks like our multimillionaire friend didn’t keep his SSL certificate updated. Unreal.

  4. The “Wayback Machine” won’t pull Si$$on’s homepage either. Something’s up. Probably business.

    The Kraft Heinz acquisition of Primal Kitchen closed 5 years ago in January. Perhaps his post-acquisition work with Kraft Heinz is now over and he needs to scrub the site? Still sucks for bloggers who were driving traffic to the site that made him.

    He doesn’t seem the type to just ride off into the sunset without a big, public farewelll, but perhaps he’s just going to take the money and retire?

  5. @Geoff – The Wayback is working for me for MDA.

    Si$$on is an attention whore. He isn’t going anywhere. He is active on X.

  6. Stuart Gilbert

    Feb 25, 2024 — 6:12 am

    Si$$on still sends out a weekly email titled
    “Sunday With Si$$on”, in which he addresses different diet, fitness and lifestyle issues of his choice.
    So he is still out there…just without the links to his past work.

  7. Turns out that I’m having fun replacing some of the crappy images from Flickr with new AI generated ones.

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