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My 401k Advice to the Unemployed

I’ve probably said something similar in the past, but I want to be clear about how I would invest my 401k if I recently lost my job. My strategy is based off hedging risk. The primary risks an unemployed worker … [continue reading]

The Fitness Finance Analogy Updated

Over the past 15 years I’ve been known to say something like this:

Weight training is like a 401k. You don’t see the results right away, but over time they add up. Cardio is like a weekly paycheck. When the

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I Just Woke Up From A Fuzzy Dream

I’ve bashed company managed 401Ks in the past. Now it feels like I’m kicking a corpse. Let me get one final punch in.

Today I received the year end statement for my company 401K. When I say “my company”, I … [continue reading]

Jim Cramer, Me and One Week in July

On July 30th, CNBC’s Jim Cramer told his viewers: Yes, The Market Has Bottomed.

I am indeed sticking my neck out right here, right now, declaring emphatically that I believe the market will not revisit the panicked lows it

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You Hit It Once, Then Break Away Clean

Some guys go fishing and have fishing tales. I don’t fish. I invest. Here is my tale.

Across the field of battered stocks was EEV. EEV is an UltraShort of the Emerging Markets. I know I said I wouldn’t … [continue reading]

Investing 101 – The 401K

In the post Investing 101 – Before You Invest, I gave my thoughts on how I approach post-tax investing. Now I want to cover the other side, which is pre-tax investing in a 401K or similar plan.

Many workers … [continue reading]