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The Legend of Marlboro Marc

Today I was finishing up my hill sprints when I noticed a man standing on the other side of the street watching me. He was smoking a cigarette. I chatted with him for a minute or so about sprinting versus … [continue reading]

Nature Girl

A while back I saw Carl Hiaasen on 60 Minutes. He seemed like an interesting guy and I made a note to someday read one of his books. I finally did.

Nature Girl
Nature Girl by Carl Hiaasen is a fun story … [continue reading]

Ybor City Scrapbook (1994-1998)

This page was first assembled in 1999.

From March 1994 to August 1998, I lived in the Tampa Bay area. This is my collection of Ybor City overviews and memorabilia.… [continue reading]

Taco Bell and the Speed Zone

This story has been moved around my different web sites since 1997. The introduction was written in 2000.

Do you have a story that you tell that is so unreal that as the years go by, even you start to … [continue reading]

Meeting Hulk Hogan and Macho Man

About two years after my car chase with Hulk Hogan, Golds Gym opened a new location in South Tampa. As part of the grand opening they had Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage show up to sign autographs. … [continue reading]

That Time I Got in a Car Chase With Hulk Hogan

It must have been July or August of 1994. I had just moved to Tampa Bay from Columbus in June. For a few days I had two friends down from Ohio. Being the host the of a new town, I … [continue reading]