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Seattle Low Tide Hike

This weekend the tide was at lowest level for the summer. It was so low, you could walk from Golden Gardens to Carkeep Park on ground that is normally covered with water. Below are some photos from the hike.





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Urban Hike – Beyond the Bridges Edition

Last week I did an Urban Hike between the 520 and 99. Today I went a little further.

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Espresso Hike #2 – Queen Anne to Downtown

Espresso Hike #1 was so successful that the Coffee Club of Seattle did a second one last Friday. If you wish to learn more about the background of the Espresso Hike, be sure to read Espresso Hike #1. … [continue reading]

Urban Hike – 22.6 Mile Edition

I only intended to do a 5 mile hike today, but decided to take a few different turns and I ended up exploring a new section of Seattle. I didn’t know there was a beach with a diving board at … [continue reading]