My 3 Favorites – Disloyality Card Round #1

Today I completed my first Disloyalty Card. The Disloyalty Card lists 10 independent coffee shops in the Seattle area. Before I announce my favorite three, I will say that I didn’t have a single bad espresso.

  1. Urban Coffee Lounge – The single origin espresso with the Indonesia Gajah Aceh was stellar. I liked it so much, I drove to Stumptown and bought 12 oz for my home espresso machine. Get out to Kirkland. It is worth the trip. Just watch out for the speed traps.
  2. Makeda Coffee – I love the Hula blend by Seven Roasters.
  3. Tougo Coffee – A perfectly pulled espresso using Stumptown’s Hair Bender blend.

Time to start Round #2.

Urban Coffee Lounge – Cups on the Wall

Have you completed your Disloyalty Card yet? What were your favorites?


Add yours

  1. I haven’t completed my first card, but have already started a second one!
    As you said they are all good. My preferences according to my personal taste of the espressos:
    1. Urban Coffee Lounge (in both visits, in fact I’m amazed every time I go there)
    2. Neptune
    3. Fonte (Ethiopia Nekeissi)
    4. Trabant
    5. Equal Exchange
    7. Aster

  2. I too had the Ethiopia Nekeissi at Fonte. Much better than their standard blend. I would have scored Neptune higher if I had their new blend. Instead I gambled on their SO Brazil. Not as good. Sometimes the SO Espresso gamble pays off, sometimes it doesn’t.

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