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Natto 3: Ann’s Pressure Cooker Method

This is a guest recipe from Ann who was commenting on the post Natto 2: Fermentation Boogaloo.



What You Need

  • Natto culture (see picture of Raffy showing packet)
  • 250 g of ORGANIC soybeans
  • 1 container with lid. I
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Natto + Sriracha

Oh nooz carbs, legumes and fermentation!

The Paleo and Peat godz are weeping. I can feel the diabeteez and super bug mycotoxins killing me. Lordy lordy this inflammation is eating me up!

Ahh!!! Must do a Hole30 DETOX for my … [continue reading]

Natto 2: Fermentation Boogaloo

For the second edition of making natto, I traded my homemade incubator (Styrofoam cooler with a light bulb) for a slow cooker. You can read about that in the post How to Ferment Natto. This one didn’t go so … [continue reading]

How to Ferment Natto

I want to thank Stephan at Biohacks.net for sending me an email about natto. I was well aware of how healthy the Japanese ferment was, especially its very high vitamin K2 levels. What I didn’t know until I researched it … [continue reading]